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Der großmann

The real slenderman

Shwatzwald is psycoliogical thriller, puzzle and mystery title You play the role of William, Grandson to Steve who has gone missing after investigating an old abandoned mine near the dying town of Pillanger. After Willaim's car mysteriously breaks down, William discovers he is completely out of cell range and heads to a nearby farm hoping to find a working phone. From the moment William stepped out from his car he felt uneasy. Little does William know, as he slowly walks toward the farm, his whole world will change, never to be the same again. 

Back in May 2022

8 months prior to the launch of this page, a sneak peak into the Schwarzwald project was released on your YouTube channel. Although this is no longer resembles the current game in development due to the evolution of both the story and the engine being used, the feeling, the "vibe" is still entrenched in the video. 


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It needs work...I mean, I need work to work on Schwarzwald. Yeah, that's what I've met to say! :D 


looks creepy, im definitley buying this when it comes out


Cheers! Really appreciate that!